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  • Dremel 3000 VS 4000 – Differences you need to know?

    No matter what type of DIY jobs you are performing, you need tools to perform it professionally.

    Rotatory tools are the best option, which makes our work simpler and fast. With simple rotatory tools, we can perform many functions with these rotatory tools without arranging different tools for different tasks.

    While these rotatory tools combined with attachments become powerful tools combination and make our working perfect. Visit this site for fruitful information right now.

    Rotatory tools by Dremel, such as Dremel 3000 and Dremel 4000, are the best ones for multiple tasks. We will guide you with their features, details, and differences to choose the right one for you.

    Top Features of Dremel 3000:

    • It offers you 1.2 amp motor supports for DIY projects
    • The greater speed with 5000 RPM to 35000 RPM
    • You six buttons for adjustments of speed
    • Require 120 volts energy for working
    • Four kits support
    • A medium length of 7.5 inches makes it easy to carry
    • Available in a cord length of 6 feet
    • It comes with a two years warranty cover
    • Metal material manufactured
    • EZ twist system for changing the accessories
    • It comes with a replaceable motor system
    • Corded power source feature

    Top Features of Dremel 4000:

    • Comes with corded power source features
    • These include the option to replace the motor
    • To change the accessories, there include EZ twist system
    • Good quality metal material is used in its manufacturing
    • It offers you a separate system to switch on or off the motor
    • Warranty cover is two years
    • The toolkit has 9 inches in length
    • Its cord length is up to 6 feet
    • 120 volts energy needed to operate
    • These include an electronic feedback control system
    • Variable number of speeds
    • RPM ranges are from 5000 to 35000
    • Power range is 1.6 Amp

    What are the differences between the features of Dremel 3000 and Dremel 4000?

    We have found the following differences when we compare both models.

    • Power systems were found different; there are 1.2 Amp power systems in Dremel 3000, while 1.6 Amp systems are available in Dremel 4000.
    • Dremel 4000 is an advanced model that comes in less weight than Dremel 3000 that makes it simple to perform tasks than 3000
    • An electronic feedback system that helps you quickly adjust pressure and speed is not available in Dremel 3000, which waists most of your time. But this excellent feature is available in Dremel 4000 that makes you able to save your time.
    • There is no separate speed control system is available in Dremel 3000; you will find a separate speed controller system in Dremel 4000
    • In the Dremel 3000, only 4 kits are available, while Dremel 4000 comes with 30 plus kits.
    • There are more attachments options available in Dremel 4000 than Dremel 3000

    Final Thoughts:

    You have gone through our article, now, in our opinion, if you want a budget-friendly Dremel toolkit, then Dremel 3000 is convenient.

    But we recommend Dremel 4000 because of its extended features which makes it suitable forever type of job, but will little more cost.

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